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How can I get rid of moles in my backyard?

Do some owls in the Pacific Northwest take domestic animals. And, if so, which ones? Do they take cats, dogs or chickens? How can you tell if you have an owl in your neighborhood? Is there anyway to get them out of your area?

my name is jasmine and i was wondering if there is a place for low- income families to get free/or cheap horse supplies?

I'm contemplating ways of diversifying my ranch operation to remain viable and would like to find out more about providing animal burial services on my ranch land. Where can I find more info about Oregon laws related to this type of business activity? I am considering both large and small animal...

We are in farm forest area of Mt. Hood area. Would like to remove some trees on our property. How do we find a reputable logger to help us?

I am looking for information on aging after 65.

Do Oak leaves make good mulch? I have heard they are too high in acid or something.

I have a lot of mushrooms growing in my yard. They appear to be two different kinds. You can feel them under the yard before you see them. It seems to be a big section and kind of in a row. How can I get rid of them? I have more pictures if it is useful.

What is the simplest way to disinfect bird houses after I clean them each fall?

What's the easiest way to protect my fall vegetable garden from the possible frost conditions over the next few nights?