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Is something going on with birds population in Oregon/Beaverton this year? Usually I get 20-25 species of bird in my back yard, sometime all in one day. This summer I have seen around 10 species. Also usually I put out a handful of sun flower seeds every 2-3 days, this year they hardly been...

Is it safe to hot water bath can anything with Dairy butter added? Like caramelized onions in salsa?

I'd like to eradicate of a patch of Poison Oak. It has a ground cover of about 150 SF and a few trunks (3" to 4" diameters) climbing quite high on a couple fir trees. It's leaves have begun turning red and falling off. I am quite sensitive to it.

I have maggots in my bucket compost. What shall I do?

Are sowbugs harmful in the garden?

We picked up two five gallon buckets full of apples that were laying on the ground from our tree which we have never sprayed. We do not have any animals except squirrels and an occasional cat who may wander through our yard. Should I make applesauce and pies out of the apples or, in an...

Do studies substantiate calcium gluconate is better absorbed by bone than calcium carbonate?

Hello, I live in Bend and have a south-facing back yard that really heats up in the sun. I'd like to plant a tree that will provide a canopy of shade and prefer deciduous for this purpose. Can you suggest one or more that will do well here?  

Have a small flock of four hens. All are 2-1/2 years old and have been together since birth. Recently three of the hens have "turned" on the fourth and appears they won't be satisfied until she's gone. They will not let her eat or drink in their presence. Any ideas?

I have a major bat infestation in the roof of my house. I have identified the areas where wood trim has shrunk with age and is available for the bats to enter and exit. I want to preserve the bat population, but want them out of my house! I have heard that mid August is the time to shut...