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I understand that butterflies taste with their feet and I have always assumed that moths do as well. However when I try to find out about it, all I see mentioned is butterflies. Can you tell me for sure whether moths taste with their feet or in some other way?

What is the best way to reheat rice?

Jackson County Health Department has asked for information on the degree (if any) of toxicity to livestock, cattle and horses specifically.

My 95-year-old mother wants to give me her aluminum Dutch oven. I would very much like to have it to prepare pot roasts, stews, etc. I would use it on top of the stove to brown meats and vegetables and then put it the oven to continue cooking the meal. The Dutch oven also has an aluminum...

I am interested in raising a small herd of beefalo. Do you have any information on raising beefalo. Particulary the advantages vs. disadvantages. How many head could I start out with on 3 acres? I have access to aproximatly 20 adjoining acres if need be.

What do you think about using reclaimed timber for construction? Would this save money? Would it reduce tree cutting and reduce global warming and water pollution caused by clear cutting?

I surf regularly along the northern Oregon coast. In light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has any recent / regular testing been completed to see if the water is safe to surf in? Some of us are out there for extended periods of time and may even accidentally gulp down some seawater during...

How often should the inside of a home refrigerator be cleaned?

My husband and I are researching starting a small trout hatchery. Does the extension office provide support/information on aquaculture?

When I clean my chicken coop, I put the manure in a compost bin of its own, add some straw and grass and let it pile up. I started in March and will stop mid-November. When will it be "ready" to add to my raised vegetable beds?