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Eat Well for Less

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Welcome to Eat Well for Less, a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules. Eat Well for Less offers you ideas about how to meet some of the challenges of running a household.

The program’s goal is to share useful information about how to plan healthful meals, prepare tasty, low-cost foods that are quick and easy, and make food dollars last through the month.

Begin a Module

Eat Well for Less has three modules: Pyramid Power, We Wish You Well, and Stretching Your Food Dollars. Each takes about 20 minutes to work through. You can take one at a time, or all three, in any order. To begin a module, just click on the image icons or the text links below. food pyramid

Module 1 - Pyramid Power

Good nutrition is important for health, energy and learning. In this module, Pyramid Power, you will learn how to make healthy food choices based on MyPyramid.

We Wish You Well image

Module 2 - We Wish You Well

Millions of people develop foodborne illness each year, resulting in sickness and lost wages. In this module, We Wish You Well, you will learn how to keep food safe and prevent foodborne illness.

Stretching Your Food Dollars image

Module 3 - Stretching Your Food Dollars

Providing healthy meals for the family on a limited budget requires planning ahead. In this module, Stretching Your Food Dollars, you'll learn ways to make your food dollars last further through the month.

Disclaimers & Information for Educators

To learn more about the Eat Well for Less program, including program acknowledgements, disclaimers and information for educators, refer to the About This Program page.