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Module 3 Contents:

Strategies at Home

Strategies at the Store

  • Brands vs. Generic
  • Unit Price
  • Hidden Persuaders
  • Read the Label
  • Ingredients
  • Other Tips

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  Generic Foods Headline

Ever wonder what the difference is between the "name" brand and the generic brand of a food? Usually, dollars and cents!

Generic and name brand foods

Companies spend a lot of money on advertising to get you to buy their brand -- but they aren't spending their money, they are spending your money.

The store brand or generic brand almost always costs less, and usually tastes the same. In fact, they often use the very same ingredients.

Important Concept!Try doing a "blind" taste-test with your kids: buy a generic and a name-brand box of the same cereal; pour two bowls, and don't tell them which one is generic -- see if they can guess the difference!

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