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FCD Publications

2009 FCE Lessons

Cheeses of the World

FCD09-01 Leader's Guide
FCD09-02 Participant Guide
FCD09-03 Evaluation

Using Ancient Grains

FCD09-04 Leader's Guide
FCD09-05 Participant Guide
FCD09-06 Evaluation
FCD09-10 Grain Guru Cookbook
(To print asingle recipe click in that page in the booklet.  Then when printing select "current page only")

Are You Ready

FCD09-07 Leader's Guide
FCD09-08 Participant Guide
FCD09-09 Evaluation


2008 FCE Lessons

A Good Night's Sleep

FCD08-01 Leader's Guide
FCD08-02 Participant Guide
FCD08-03 Evaluation

Eggs... They Really Are Incredible

FCD08-04 Leader's Guide
FCD08-05 Participant Guide
FCD08-06 Evaluation

Food Safety for Seniors

FCD08-07 Leader's Guide
FCD08-08 Participant Guide
FCD08-09 Evaluation

2007 FCE Lessons

DeClutter Your Life

FCD07-01 Leader's Guide
FCD07-02 Participant Guide
FCD07-03 Evaluation

Time For Tea

FCD07-04 Leader's Guide
FCD07-05 Participant Guide
FCD07-06 Evaluation

Taking Charge of Your Medical Care

FCD07-07 Leader's Guide
FCD07-08 Participant Guide
FCD07-09 Evaluation

2006 FCE Lessons

Apples in Appealing Ways

FCD06-01 Leader's Guide
FCD06-02 Participant Guide
FCD06-03 Evaluation

Elder Abuse in Oregon:

Building Awareness and Encouraging Action

Pre-Teaching Notes for Faculty
FCD06-04 Leader's Guide
FCD06-05 Participant Guide
FCD06-06 Evaluation

Multicultural Miscommunication

FCD06-07 Leader's Guide
FCD06-08 Participant Guide
FCD06-09 Evaluation

2005 FCE Lessons

See the Future

Your Vision as You Age

FCD05-04 Leader's Guide
FCD05-05 Participant Guide
FCD05-06 Evaluation

Why Weight?

Reducing the Influence of Television on Children's Health

FCD05-01 Leader's Guide
FCD05-02 Participant Guide
FCD05-03 Evaluation

2004 FCE Lessons

Medicine and You

FCD04-007L Leader's Guide-Long Version
FCD04-007S Leader's Guide-Short Version
FCD04-008 Participant's Guide
FCD04-009 Evaluation

Oregon: A State of Hunger

FCD04-004 Hunger Leader's Guide
FCD04-005 Hunger Participant's Guide
FCD04-006 Hunger Evaluation

To Forgive or not to Forgive:
That is the Question

FCD04-001 Leader's Guide
FCD04-002 Participant's Guide
FCD04-003 Attitudes and Beliefs-Assessment

2003 FCE Lesson

The Magic of Slow Cooker

FCD03-001 - Leader's Guide
FCD03-002 - Member's Guide
FCD03-003 - Evaluation

2002 FCE Lessons



FCD02-005 - Leader's Guide
FCD02-006 - BINGO Game
FCD02-007 - Participant Handouts
FCD02-008 - Diabetes in Oregon
FCD02-009 - Evaluation

Healthy Air for Your Home

FCD02-001 - Leader's Guide
FCD02-002 - Participant's Handouts
FCD02-003 - Evaluation

Biotechnology: Designer Genes for Familiar Foods

HE 3-907T - Teacher's Guide
HE 3-908 - Participant's Handout
HE 3-909 - Evaluation

Gadgets and Tools

HE 4-967 - Leaders's Guide
HE 4-968 - Participant's Guide

Foot Care

HE 14-001 - Game Cards
HE 14-001T - Teacher's Guide
HE 14-002 - Participant's Guide
HE 14-003 - Evaluation


FCD 4-970 - Teacher's Guide
FCD 4-970 - Leader Support
FCD 4-971 - Participant's Guide
FCD 4-972 - Evaluation


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