FCH SOARS Templates

2013 ROA Templates

The NEP Online System has an ROA Detail report for each OSU Extension Service (OSUES) staff educator to assist in preparing ROA narrative summaries.  This detailed report lists all SNAP-Ed and EFNEP education delivered within 2013.
The following documents include detailed instructions including how to reformat the excel files:

Additional reports currently available from the NEP Online System include Community Staff Report and Volunteer Staff Report.  These can be used to report contribution hours made.  See the tips and template file for sample tables and statements.

POW General Instructions

To create an individual POW inside SOARS:
Log on to SOARS using ONID account and password https://secure.oregonstate.edu/soars/

  • Click on Plans of Work under Annual Reporting on the left menu
  • Click on “add a new plan of work”
  • Choose the FCH program area and the 2014 year and click “create a new plan of work"
  • Do not choose to transfer last year’s plan of work to edit.  Too many changes have occurred.

POW Templates for FCH Faculty and EPAs

Below are templates to assist you with your SOARS Plan of Work.  The NEP Online system can assist you with accessing the information you will need for your SOARS POW.  Please review POW Online System Instructions and NEP Online Reports Formatting Tips.

Time Estimate

Instructions for FCH faculty and EPAs

Logic Models and Evaluations for FCH Programs

SNAP-Ed Programming

Faculty SNAP-Ed Logic Model - Healthy People and Behaviors Template
Faculty SNAP-Ed Logic Model - Healthy Families and Homes Template
Faculty SNAP-Ed Logic Model - Healthy Schools and Worksites Template
Faculty SNAP-Ed Logic Model - Healthy Communities Template
Faculty Evaluation Plan SNAP-ED
EPA SNAP-Ed Logic Model Template - Healthy People and Behaviors Template
EPA Evaluation Plans SNAP-Ed

EFNEP Programming

Faculty EFNEP Logic Model Template
Faculty Evaluation Plan EFNEP
EPA EFNEP Logic Model Template
EPA Evaluation Plans EFNEP

SNAP Outreach

Faculty SNAP-O Logic Model Template
EPA SNAP-O Logic Model Template

Cover Oregon

Faculty Cover Oregon Logic Model Template
EPA Cover Oregon Logic Model Template

Walk With Ease

Faculty Walk With Ease Logic Model Template (without SNAP-Ed)

Professional Development

NOTE TO EPAs:   Leave this section blank.  As noted in the SOARS Data Entry Manual, these plans are relevant for faculty who are part of the PROF review process.

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