Food Preservation Teaching Outlines

Food Preservation Teaching Outlines

 PRETEST (2018)


Ways Foods are Preserved (SP50-546)

Botulism  (SP50-673)

Use and Care of the Pressure Canner  (SP50-674)

Canning Low Acid Foods  (SP50-542)

Canning Fruits (SP50-544)

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products (SP50-625)

Pickling (SP50-545)

Jellies, Jams, Preserves, Marmalades and Conserves (SP50-547)

Freezing Foods (SP50-541)

Dehydrated Foods (SP50-543)

Drying, Smoking and Curing Meat and Fish (SP50-804)

Pickled Fish (SP50-953)

Emergency Food Storage (SP50-950)

Safety of Non-Preserved Foods (SP50-805)

Flavored Oils (SP50-1005)


Homework Assignments

Canning low acid foods (SP50-554) - Word Doc.

Freezing (SP50-556) - Word Doc.

Pickling (SP50-558)- Word Doc.

Jams and Jellies (SP50-560)- Word Doc.

Drying (SP50-562)- Word Doc.

Canning Tomatoes (SP50-628)- Word Doc.

Canning Fruits  (SP50-675) - Word Doc.

Food Safety (SP50-706) - Word Doc.

Drying, Smoking (SP50-846) - Word Doc.

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