Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

Extension Family and Community Health and the Oregon State University Program on Gerontology has a long history of increasing knowledge and educational opportunities relating to healthy aging. The State of Oregon ranks 17th among the 50 states in the percentage of its population over 65 years old.  Resource materials and educational programs are available on a variety of topics for interested individuals, caregivers, and professionals.

OSU Gerontology Conference

The Oregon State University Gerontology Conference has provided continuing professional education for health, allied medical, and human service professionals who work with older adults for over 40 years.

Mastery of Aging Well - In partnership with the AARP, OSU Extended Campus and Family and Community Health Extension faculty have designed an online program consisting of five modules for anyone interested in healthy aging. Now, on your own time, you can learn practical, research-based solutions to many of the problems that you or aging family members may be encountering.

OSU Publications – covering a full range of topics related to aging, including:

  • coping with caregiving,
  • alcohol problems later in life,
  • helping older family members handle their finances
  • hiring in-home care,
  • depression later in life,
  • coping with loss and grief,
  • and many more.

Helping Memory-Impaired Elders: A Guide for Caregivers - (pdf.)    Discusses the causes of dementia and how to cope with a progressive dementing illness, respond to dementia-caused difficult behaviors, and communicate with a memory-impaired person. Provides guidelines for effective caregiving and for self-care for the caregiver. Covers specific problems such as driving, managing money, repetitive questions, wandering, catastrophic reactions, hiding objects, grooming, mealtimes, and incontinence. Includes sources of additional information.  (PNW 314    Revised March 2016    36 pages)

Healthy Aging Newspaper Column - a weekly column for the Mail Tribune in Southern Oregon that covers a wide range of topics that impact older adults

Healthy Aging and Physical Activity and Nutrition

Educational Training Materials

  • The Dollmaker

    Program focuses on the importance of caregivers taking care of themselves.  The Caregiver’s health is at stake when Alyce provides 24 hour care for Ernie and refused help and respite.  Alyce become isolated and loses her health, relationships, and interest in life.  Guidelines are suggested for making caregiving decisions and reducing caregiver stress.  
      DVD (available in English, Spanish & Korean) - $10.00,  Videotape (English & Korean only) - $10.00, Order Form

  • Sex and Aging:  A Game of Awareness and Interaction

    Description:  Developed for use with community service providers, long term care staff, and others who work with older adults. Sexuality and aging is not an easy subject for many people to discuss, and yet, it often presents distress to people in their work. Players face sexual-related situations and issues involving older adults and are challenged to examine their attitudes and make decisions. Includes four sets of game cards- Issues, Daily Changes, Crisis and Conflict, and Relationships. 
    $ 18.00 (to order – contact the Extension Family and Community Health Office at 541.737-1014)

  • Families & Aging: Dilemmas & Decisions

    Description: An educational board game to foster insights and strengthen problem solving. Players confront later-life problems and decisions that families typically face. The game is used in support groups for families and caregivers and in educational programs for practitioners, professionals, and students in postsecondary programs. CD contains full-color PDF files to produce game boards, playing cards, and Facilitator’s Guide.  Length: 21 pages.
    CD Price: $30.00.   To order the completed boxed game please contact Extension Family and Community Health Office at 541.737-1014. Boxed Gameboard Price: $60

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