Decision Point - Trouble-shooting Your Financial Picture


Situation:  Your expenses exceed your income every month.

  • Talking to your Creditors: Don't wait for creditors to contact you. Explain your current situation. Frankly discuss your future income prospects so you can jointly devise solutions to the problem
  • Controlling Spending: Talk to your family about your spending habits, and defer some purchases. 
  • Increase income: Consider a part-time job or moonlighting project.

Situation:  Your expense load includes a large amount of credit card or home mortgage debt


Situation:  You have a high fixed asset to debt ratio

  • Making the Most of What You Have -  Consider a home equity line of credit for special purposes, but avoid resorting to these measures for meeting short-term debt. addresses many other ideas.

Situation:  You're beginning to think you'll never be able to take that special vacation

  • Setting Spending Priorities - Consider painless ways to save: Eliminate your daily trip to the Latte' Shop (up to $500/yr); take your lunch to work (up to $1000/yr)


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 Content Contact: Debra Driscoll

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