Taking Control - Financial Management


Managing money effectively to meet present and future goals is a learned skill. Start simple and get family members to help. Realize that you're going to be derailed at times, but get back on track as soon as possible.

Know what records to keep:

Developing a Plan:

The choice between various savings and investment alternatives depends on your need for meeting short-term expenses vs. planning for longer-term goals.  Developing your own investment expertise is one of the most important steps you will ever take. If you decide to enlist the help of a financial advisor, be sure to thoroughly research backgrounds and qualifications objectively.

Tools for estimating the cost/value of various components of your plan:

Protect Your Credit and the "Big Three" Credit Reporting Agencies:

Know your rights to a free credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Other Consumer Information:

Hundreds of consumer and educational publications from the GSA's Pueblo Information Center

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