Faculty/Media Resources


Newstips and other Resources

FCH faculty develops bi-monthly Newstips on a variety of topics that will be included on this page.  We will also post news releases and other resources to assist our faculty and members of the media.

Promoting a Healthy School Environment - Information compiled and presented by Kathy Gunter, Ph.D.  Extension Family Community Development Specialist, College of Health and Human Sciences.

Newstips - January, 2010 - Food trends for 2010 - Good nutrition from the ground up
Newstips - October, 2009 - Holiday food safety

Faculty  - In an effort to build connections and collaboration opportunities, we have a provided a link to an active Division of Health Sciences calendar. Please consider posting information on this site when/if there are scheduled seminars and presentations by students, faculty or invited guests. 
Go to http://calendar.oregonstate.edu/today+365/list/hs-calendar/.

SOARS - FCH/SNAP-Ed POW and ROA Instructions and Templates

Faculty Resouces -MFP

Food Preservation Teaching Outlines (and homework assignments)


Volunteer Forms


2011 FCH/4-H Inservice Materials

Dean Tammy Bray - Updates - The Road to Becoming a College of Public Health and Human Science

Improving the Health of Oregonians through Robust Community Assessments that Build on the Public Health and Extension Service Strengths (Tammy Bray and Lila Wickman)

Parenting Styles and Childhood Obesity (Thomas G. Power, PhD.)

Managing Your Website/Drupal (Bryan Mayjor)

What is Public Health?  (Tom Eversole)