Faculty/Media Resources

Faculty  - In an effort to build connections and collaboration opportunities, we have a provided a link to an active Division of Health Sciences calendar. Please consider posting information on this site when/if there are scheduled seminars and presentations by students, faculty or invited guests. 
Go to http://calendar.oregonstate.edu/today+365/list/hs-calendar/.

FCH Annual Report (2016/2017)  - full color pdf

FCH Annual Report (short version)
Attachments Black & White

Impact Sheets:


CORE Traning Documents

Internship Information

Intern Request Form - College of Public Health and Human Sciences

MPH Internship Information for Preceptors - Health Promotion and Health Behavior Track

Faculty Resouces -MFP

Food Preservation Teaching Outline and Surveys (and homework assignments)


Volunteer Forms

SOARS - FCH/SNAP-Ed POW and ROA Instructions and Templates

FCH Team Meeting PowerPoint Presentation - October 24, 2016

Physical Activity and Health

Promoting a Healthy School Environment - Information compiled and presented by Kathy Gunter, Ph.D.  Extension Family Community Development Specialist, College of Health and Human Sciences.