Healthy Homes

Safe and Healthy Homes

OSU Extension Services Family and Community Health program provides resources to improve the safety and comfort of your home and to cope with household emergencies that you might face, including information about mold and indoor air quality. There are also some helpful household tips on topics such as stain removal, household cleaning and maintenance and pest control.

Home Safety

The Healthy Homes Partnership is a cooperative effort of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Cooperative Extension Service.  Resources focus on identifying and reducing risks around the home such as lead based paint, indoor air quality and pesticides.

The Oregon Well Water Program helps Oregonian's protect the groundwater that supplies their drinking water. Information on well and septic system maintenance.

Toy Recall

Lead Resources

Emergency Preparedness - Publications and resouces to help you prepare for disasters and emergencies.

Helpful Household Tips Spot and Stain removal guide for washable fabrics. Learn how to remove pine resin, candle wax, wine, and a variety of other stains when doing home laundry.

Household hints and helps from the University of Nebraska Extension

Home and Family Questions - Iowa Families Extension Answer Line provides information and resources for consumers with home and family questions.

Home maintenance and repair - Michigan State University Extension offers instructions and tips for household chores and repairs.

Maintenance of your home - Instructions for basic use of tools and repairing faucets, screens and electric plugs from Texas Agrilife Extension.

Controlling Pests in the Home and Garden