Volunteer Programs

Volunteers add greatly to the effectiveness of OSU Extension Services programs and allow us to expand our program outreach. OSU Family and Community Health programs are enriched by volunteers working directly with Extension professionals and aligned volunteer service organizations.

Family Community Education Program (FCE)

Oregon Association for Family and Community Education is an independent non-profit organization whose history and mission is closely aligned with the OSU Family and Community Health Program. We work collaboratively to develop and deliver community education and service projects addressing important community needs.

The FCE program provides opportunities for people to learn and share information with the community.  Each year OSU develops two or three lessons including background and materials for teachers and participants on topics of community importance. These are available for FCE groups and others who deliver community education through a "train-the-trainer" model.

FCH Faculty Developed FCE Lessons

For information on FCE and similar community education groups in your area contact your local County Extension office.  

Master Food Preserver (MFP) and Family Food Education (FFE) Volunteers

With many hours of volunteer assistance, the OSU Extension Service has disseminated research-based information on safe food handling to thousands of Oregonians for 25 years. This has averted foodborne illness (and medical bills) and prevented the expense of food waste.

The Master Food Preserver (MFP) /Family Food Education (FFE) volunteer programs were launched in 1980 to support county food safety/preservation programing. The programs have been enhanced to include nutrition education. MFP and FFE Volunteers  assist OSU Extension efforts at emergency food sites (food pantries) and in schools.

In 2016, 398 new and veteran Master Food Preserver / Family Food Education volunteers contributed more than 21,250 hours of time in 18 counties, including Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Clackamas, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Hood River, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Lane, Linn, Benton, Marion, Polk, Wasco, and Yamhill. Volunteers educated the public about safe food handling and preservation over the phone, at workshops, and at exhibits and demonstrations at sites such as farmers markets and county fairs. Over 36,367 contacts were made by volunteers, faculty and Extension staff, with 2,112 of these from callers seeking assistance from the Food Safety / Preservation Hotline. The Hotline is operated with volunteer assistance during the food preservation and holiday season. In addition, an estimated 158,000 Oregonians were reached by our faculty and volunteers through radio and television broadcasts, social media sites, and newspaper articles related to food preservation topics.

For information on MFP/FFE volunteer opportunitiesin your area contact your local County Extension office.

OSU Faculty Resources for Volunteers

Oregon State University and Extension Programs are dedicated to providing safe and healthy learning environments for youth.  We have provided some information and forms below related to OSU Volunteers in Extension Programs.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Risk Management (541) 737-7252.

OSU Volunteers in Extension Programs (doc.)
Criminal History Check Release, Authorization Form (doc.)
Conditions of Volunteer Services - Office of Risk Management (link to Risk Management forms)
Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability  (link to Risk Management Forms)