Emergency Preparedness

Preparing Your Family and Home for an Emergency

Actions relating to emergencies include preparation, response and recovery.  Following are some useful resources for helping you and your family through each action.

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Preparation – preparing your family for an emergency can lessen the adverse consequences and ease recovery.

Response - Once a Disaster Has Been Declared - Action taken during the event to minimize adverse consequences.

Recovery - Financial Recovery After A Disaster -  Actions and resources to help you recover from the consequences of an emergency

Frequently Asked Questions About Disaster Assistance

It Could Happen to You - a series of publications developed by the OSU Extension Service to help Oregonians prepare for disasters and emergencies. Learn about your community's disaster plan and create a plan for your family, home and office.

Additional Resources

Cleaning Flood Damaged Homes - The Louisiana State University AgCenter has an array of information to help people in their recovery from the multiple problems caused by a hurricane. These problems include the danger of disease from insects, other pests and flood waters as well as illness from contamination by flood waters.

Power outages - Options for coping with a power failure depend on how cold it is outside, how long you're without power, and if you have equipment that can meet your need without external power sources. This publication will help you make decisions to prepare for short- or long-term power failures.  

Extension Disaster Education Network- links Extension educators from across the U.S., enabling them to use and share resources to reduce the impact of disasters

American Red Cross

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Centers for Disease Control

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages An award winning site with information in the traumatic-stress field

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

National Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters - Coordinates planning efforts for volunteer organizations responding to disasters.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

United States Department of Agriculture