Mold & Indoor Air Quality

Mold can be destructive to people’s home, health and belongings.  Oregon’s damp, mild climate contributes to mold growth in indoor environments.  Research has found that the quality of air in homes can be poorer than that of the outdoors.  

Some facts:

  • In children, asthma is on the rise.  Indoor air pollutants, including mold, trigger asthma and allergies.
  • Mold, and the moisture that allows it to grow, is highly destructive to homes, buildings, and possessions. The presence of mold can make homes uninhabitable and unable to be sold without remediation.
  • Mold control scams are prolific.   Much of the available information relating to mold control is inaccurate, making us all vulnerable to misinformation and scams.

This site contains links to general information about moisture and mold control in homes and buildings.  


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