What can I tell children about terrorism and war?


With the United States presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the threat of domestic and international terrorism, parents, teachers, and the general public may wonder how to help children understand these conflicts. The National Council on Family Relations has compiled a list of online materials/information that might be helpful to parents, professionals in the field, media, and the general public.

Web Resources from University Extension Services, other universities, and other national agencies

 Purdue University Extension – recommendations and activities to help children understand political violence, cope with fears and sadness when groups are in conflict, and learn how to make peace

University of Minnesota, Children, Youth & Family Consortium - information on how parents can help their children with their concerns, fears and worries about war.

University of Minnesota Extension Service -Restoring Hope in the Wake of Terrorism

University of Minnesota Extension Service - Ready to Respond – communities and families take control of safety and security

From Georgia Extension:

Other Resources

The Learning Network, Talking with Kids About War

Family Information Services - Families Coping with Traumatic Events

From the BBC, teaching resources on Iraq.


Content Contact: Sally Bowman