Walk With Ease

Person's legs with running shoes
The Walk With Ease program can help improve balance, strength, and overall health

Walk With Ease (WWE) is an exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain, you can have success with Walk With Ease.

Get Moving!

There are two ways to participate:

Become a Group Leader

If you are interested in leading a class in your community or workplace, visit our group leaders page to sign up for training and learn more about leading a Walk With Ease program.

Find Walk With Ease Classes

Locate the class nearest you from the spreadsheet below.

You can also view the spreadsheet on the Google Drive website.


two people walking upright, one in wheelchair

How I Walk: A campaign to rebrand the word "walk"

Given equal access to walking spaces and the adoption of livable community policies, walking is a viable form of physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. Now is the time to rebrand the word walking so that everybody is included in walking initiatives. Some use two legs, some use two wheels. Many Walk With Ease participants use assistive devices. Anyone can walk! Come join a class today!


Many common questions may be addressed within our FAQ.

If this does not help, please visit Contact Us to find your local Walk With Ease representative

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