Walk With Ease and SNAP-Ed Q&A

How is time funded for a SNAP-Ed staff/faculty member who conducts a Walk With Ease series with a non-SNAP-Ed audience?

With an Extension FCH index (HHS 401 TWWE). Please let Rocci Taylor, Debi Renfro, and Sally Bowman know so that it can be put into the budget.

How does a staff/faculty member funded by SNAP-Ed add a nutrition component to their Walk With ease series with 50% or more enrollees are SNAP eligible?

A nutrition component can occur before, during, or after the Walk With Ease series. We received permission from Oregon Health Authority and CDC.

What is an appropriate nutrition component? What should be its duration?

We will check with the Western FNS representative (Andy) to be sure, but this is our best guess at this time. Food Hero would be completely appropriate in any of its forms, such as mini public events/demos. The demos do not have to be on every Walk With Ease day.

In addition, since physical activity is best linked to consumption of water, Rethink Your Drink messages would be appropriate.

Will water bottles be available for participants?

No. Due to decreased grant funding, Walk With Ease water bottles are no longer offered.

How do we target SNAP-eligible audiences for Walk With Ease?

Use approved methods, or think of a creative way to target, and contact Jill Mills. If the adults you reach are part of a geographic hub that you have identified, then Walk With Ease links easily to SNAP-Ed.

Is Walk With Ease only permitted with SNAP-eligible audiences who are older adults?

No, it is appropriate for any sedentary audience or anyone who wants to increase movement in their lives.

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