Group Leader Resources

Group of four elderly women holding Walk With Ease workbooks
Use the provided resources to become a group leader and get involved with Walk With Ease!

These resources are intended for group leaders of Walk With Ease programs. Available resources include program forms, marketing materials, and Spanish-language materials.

Program Forms

Required Forms
Please collect all of these forms and return to OSU to receive credit for teaching your class and to receive future program materials. Record of your classes allows us to provide free books!

Optional Forms

1-hour Walk With Ease Workshop (English and Spanish)

We have developed a leader guide and materials for a 1-hour workshop on Walk With Ease. The materials are available in both English and Spanish. The purpose of the workshops are to teach people how to do the stretches and to give them pointers on how to walk safely. This in an excellent way to introduce the program, or to prepare participants to do the self-directed version of the program. You do not have to be a certified leader to teach the workshop.

Marketing Materials





  • Postcard, front and back sides (PDF)
  • Postcard, front and back sides, fillable (PDF)


Use these posters to provide a visual of discussion points. Large-version or handout sizes are available

Mobile Apps 

Now you can track your progress with Walk With Ease on your mobile device with the Walk With Ease app

Spanish-language Materials

Required Forms

Optional Forms


Marketing Materials

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