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Experience the Walk With Ease program

The Walk With Ease Program can be experienced in a class setting or on your own at home. A search tool showing available in-person classes across the state of Oregon is located at the bottom of this page.

Self-Guided Program

If you can't find a local class, or if you have a busy schedule, you can Walk With Ease on your own! We will send you a guide book that provides all the information, support, and tools you need to help you set and reach your goals.

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In-Person Classes

Led by a certified instructor, these 1-hour classes meet 2 or 3 times each week for a duration of 6-to-9 weeks, and are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Each session includes:

  • Health-related discussion topics
  • Self-paced group walks

If you want to take part but have concerns about your health, consult your health care provider before you begin.

Program Details

  • 18 sessions of 45-60 minutes each
  • Sessions can be offered 3 times a week for 6 weeks or 2 times a week for 9 weeks
  • Facilitated by a trained, CPR-certified leader
  • Walking intensity can be modified to fit the needs of the group
  • Participant materials are available in English and Spanish

Each session includes:

  • 5 minute informational mini-lectures
  • Warm up and cool downs including stretches and strengthening exercises
  • 10-35 minute walking period
  • Group problem-solving and sharing

New Mobile Apps

Now you can track your walking on your mobile device with the new Walk With Ease app

Find WWE Classes

Locate the class nearest you using Oregon Health Authority's Compass Find a Workshop tool: See our class options and current class schedule.



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