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Things to do in March

  • Monitor landscape plants for problems. Don't treat unless a problem is identified.

  • Use stored scion wood to graft fruit and ornamental trees.

  • Spray to control leaf and twig fungus diseases in dogwood, sycamore, hawthorn, and willow trees.

Gardening Tips

Gardening story
Stay on top of moisture and insect damage or pay the price
An annual inspection helps keep house in top shape
Gardening story
Shakespeare uses the power of plants to tell his tales
Roses get top billing in the Bard's plays, but many others get roles, too
Gardening story
Give amaryllis a little push for luscious indoor bloom
It doesn't take much to get this traditional winter plant to flower
Gardening story
Wisteria care: Get out your clippers twice a year and go to town
Left to its own devices, wisteria will swallow the structure it grows on
Gardening story
Pot up some bulbs and dream of spring
Spring-blooming bulbs do great in containers

Gardening Courses

Master Gardener Online

Learn the art and science of growing and caring for plants, and even become a Master Gardener, through this two-option online course.

Become a water-wise gardener

Plant an economical and environmentally friendly and garden with the help of the WaterWise Gardening online course series.

Popular Publications

A new publication from OSU Extension shows a full-circle approach to gardening on school grounds
Use this self-guided learning module to find information on grapevine nutrient needs and how to diagnose problems with disease, insects, drought, sunburn, and herbicides.
Learn how to create a "cloche" that can be used to protect your plants from cold weather.
If you lack space for a garden, consider raising vegetables in containers.
Making a poor garden better often begins with the soil. If your garden soil is poor, consider giving it some help.
Strategies to to keep the bugs out of your garden.
Improve your soil by adding organic matter and creating raised beds.
Basic instructions on how to prune your trees.

Question of the Week

Do you have published, current, projected , research in the effects of charcoal amendment to agricultural soils/forest soils?

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