eNews August 2011

August 2011

(volume 10, no. 8)


Mother Nature may need help to pollinate squash and cucumbers
The cool, wet weather we keep having slows down pollinators and fruit tends not to develop well.

Buckwheat is good summer cover crop for home gardens
Buckwheat is a succulent that can be grown as a green manure.

Learn how to pickle summer's bounty with OSU Extension guide
When the acidity of a canned food is high, harmful bacteria can’t grow. That’s why pickling (adding acid) prevents spoilage.

How to dry fruits and vegetables
Dehydrated foods are a fun, fairly simple and safe companion to canning and freezing.


Life's a picnic for yellow jackets
It's easier to deal with these aggressive wasps if you know how they live.

Noxious knotweed resists conventional management techniques
Imagine a weed that you can't pull, cut or mow because you'll encourage denser new growth.

New publication helps forest landowners reduce wildfire risks
Straight answers are in a new 41-page publication from Oregon State University Extension Service.

Learn to tell the good bugs from the bad with OSU’s online guide
"A Pocket Guide to Common Natural Enemies of Crop and Garden Pests in the Pacific Northwest" is free of charge and available online.


Got a problem? Ask an Expert!
The OSU Extension Service offers a new online help center called Ask an Expert that answers questions ranging from gardening to food to forestry.

Questions about food preservation safety?
The OSU Extension Service Food Safety/Preservation Hotline at 1-800-354-7319 is open from July 18 to October 13, Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The hotline is staffed by OSU Extension Master Food Preserver volunteers and OSU Extension staff.

New gardening page for OSU Extension
The new Web page continues to offer a wide variety of information on gardening in Oregon. Garden Tips is the new name for garden stories (formerly Garden Hints). Click on Garden Tips in the right column of the new Web page for recent garden stories and a "Search" box.

Updated "Growing Your Own"
This popular primer on gardening has been updated and is a great resource for both new and seasoned gardeners. It's free online, or you can order a printed copy for $2 (plus shipping and handling) by calling 800-561-6719.

Things to do in your garden in August