eNews January 2012

January 2012

(volume 11, no. 1)


100 years of OSU farming research, homemaking advice now online
More than 6,000 documents from OSU that cover a century of agricultural research and homemaking advice are now available to the public online.

OSU Extension’s online help center answers 2,600 questions in first nine months
Since its launch in late March, 2011, the OSU Extension online help center, Ask An Expert, has answered more than 2,600 questions.

Another Extension 'how to.' Canning seafood: How to prepare and process safely
New to the publication are instructions on how to check home-canned seafood for spoilage and under -processing and how to detoxify the seafood.


Snow or lack thereof — effects on landscape plants
Snow is an excellent insulator and can protect landscape plants from the devastating effects of repeated freezing and thawing.

Use caution with wood ash on your lawn and garden
Although wood ash is a valuable fertilizer for most lawns and gardens in western Oregon, use it with the same precautions you would handling other strong alkaline materials, such as household bleach.

A dead tree or shrub? Learn from a post-mortem analysis
Often we discover in the spring that a tree or shrub just didn't make it through the winter. There are many reasons for a woody plant to succumb and a "post-mortem" analysis can point out clues.

How to test your stored seed for germination
If you saved seeds from the last growing season and wonder if they will germinate when planted this spring, discover the average rate of germination before planting season begins.

How to grow vegetables in Oregon's colder regions
Although summer vegetables can be a challenge to grow in short-season areas, many fearless gardeners enjoy bountiful harvests just the same.


New research will dig deep into kingdom of fungi
A new study headed by Joseph Spatafora, OSU professor of botany and plant pathology, will use powerful new tools of genomics to learn more about fungi.

Sustainability program turns Christmas trees even greener
Trees from certified farms have met standards and bear a tag identifying their origin as a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Farm (SERF).

Registration closed for OSU online vineyard management class
The deadline has passed for this year's Vineyard Management class. Patty Skinkis, a faculty member of OSU's Oregon Wine Research Institute, will teach Grapevine Growth and Physiology in winter term 2013.

Things to do in your garden in January