Five popular OSU Extension gardening stories from 2013

Use fall leaves in "lasagna" gardening. (Photo by Tamara Hill-Tanquist)
Fall leaves can be used in lasagna-style gardening. (Photo by Tamara Hill-Tanquist.)
A raised-bed cloche helps protect plants. (Photo by Sam Angima.)
A raised-bed cloche is a covered structure that helps protect plants. (Photo by Sam Angima.)
Grow pole beans in a container or in the ground. (Photo by Chris LaBelle.)
Try vertical gardening by growing pole beans in a container. Or grow them in the ground on stakes. (Photo by Chris LaBelle.)
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December 27, 2013

CORVALLIS, Ore. – From how to plant cover crops to how to aerate your lawn, the Oregon State University Extension Service offered gardeners advice on several topics from a variety of OSU experts in 2013.

Below is a roundup of the five most-viewed gardening stories of the year on OSU Extension's website.

Author: Denise Ruttan