How to choose and grow the best varieties of small fruits

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February 9, 2011

CORVALLIS - Are you baffled by the sheer number of varieties of small fruits offered at local nurseries and in mail-order catalogs? Which varieties of raspberries, blueberries and grapes grow well in Oregon? What qualities does each have?

Bernadine Strik, berry crops specialist with the Oregon State University Extension Service, has published nine circulars to help Oregon home gardeners select and plant the best blueberry, raspberry and grape varieties. Winter is a great time to catalog shop for bare root plants.

"Blueberry Cultivars for Oregon," "Grape Cultivars for Your Home Garden," and "Raspberry Cultivars for Oregon" offer information about growth form, timing of fruiting, fruit quality, disease resistance, keeping quality, climate preferences, flavor and heritage for specific cultivars of blueberry, grape and raspberry cultivars (varieties) suitable for Oregon. Most varieties recommended in these publications have been tested by Oregon growers and researchers and have been found to be successful in the region.

The other publications with the "Growing..." in their title provide basic "how-to" information on how to grow and care for these small fruits and berries at home.

Use these publications to select the varieties you prefer, then take advantage of the low prices in late winter and early spring of "bare root" small fruit plants. Bare root plants are usually less expensive and easier to handle than their container grown counterparts. But remember - bare root plants need to be planted as soon as possible before new spring growth begins.

The OSU Extension Service circulars on selecting and growing small fruits are:

For more information on these publications visit our on-line catalog. Our publications and video catalog at: shows which publications are available on the Web and which can be ordered as printed publications.

Author: Carol Savonen
Source: Bernadine Strik