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Lengthen the growing season with some simple techniques.

Harvesting eggplant. (Photo by Lynn Ketchum.)

You're in the thick of harvesting all those delicious vegetables. But what if you could enjoy even more veggies into the fall and winter?

The answer is to grow plants under cover. The Oregon State University Extension Service offers advice on covers and other season extension techniques. First check out the monthly calendar for this month's garden tasks.

Cloche. (Photo by Sam Angima.)

Eat from the garden all year with a cloche, a tent-shaped covered structure that protects plants from wind and cold. Learn how to build one.

Slug. (Photo by Betsy Hartley.)

Frustrated by slugs? Put away that saltshaker and instead make your garden less inviting.

Fava beans. (Photo by Flickr: timlauer, CC license.)

Sow winter cover crops between mid-August and mid-September.

Other August items:

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