Teresa's Backyard Garden

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Tips for Sustainable Gardening - Watch Episodes

Sustainable Gardening - Pollinators
Everything has its job here. No one gets off scot-free in this garden.
Soaker Hoses for Everything
You can plant onions close together with a spiraled soaker hose.
Have a Few Roses
The former owner sprayed religiously, but there's no way Teresa will.
What a Cloche and Some Plastic Can Do
Teresa grows tomatoes, melons and peppers in a cloche because they love the heat.
Out of Slug Range
Pole beans also use less space and are easy to pick.
Summer Bounty
There's not a lot of work to do at this point because it's too hot and dry for weeds to grow.
The Joys of Winter Gardening
Lots of good things can be enjoyed fresh over the winter.
Feeding the Soil
In the fall I just dig a trench, add the remains of plants and cover them with dirt.
Sweet Potato Cloche
They never know they're not in Georgia.

Photo Galleries

Gardening - Spring
View some of Teresa's spring gardening activity and watch as the flowers and vegetables begin to grow and populate her garden with varied colors and shapes.
Gardening - Summer
Summer is a time when melons, cucumbers, artichokes and other fruits and vegetables grow to their maximum size and are ready for harvesting.
Gardening - Fall
It's hard to not think of color when you think of fall in Oregon. Teresa's garden is no exception as brightly colored leaves cover sections of the garden.