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Opportunistic rats find food and shelter in urban homes and landscapes
There are steps that will help deter rodents
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Get a leg up on fruit tree problems with dormant oils
Three low-toxicity pesticides help with disease and pest control
Gardening story
Mason bees go to work early in the season before honey bees emerge
These native insects especially love the pollen from fruit trees
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Brewing beer? Go a step further and grow your own hops
Don't forget the trellis when you plant beer's necessary ingredient
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Top 10 gardening stories of 2017 from OSU Extension
Our list includes topics from moss to bees
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6 winter-blooming plants brighten gardens in dark days
Right when you need it, these stunners break into bloom
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8 tips to gear up garden for cold weather
The freezes are coming eventually so it's best to be prepared
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Give charming winter-blooming plants as holiday gifts
A few tips will assure plants live into the new year
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Take one more go at the garden before retiring for winter
There's plenty to do, including clean up and tool care
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Head off houseplant pests with vigilance and cleanliness
Be sure to ID insects first before choosing a method for control