Gardening Tips

Fall webworm
Fall webworms have begun to appear in tree branches
The gauzy-looking tents at the end of tree branches are most likely fall webworm caterpillars working as a group to make a home.
roof moss
Prevent water pollution when treating a mossy roof
It pays to get rid of moss and lichen to keep a roof in good shape. The trick is to keep chemicals from polluting the environment.
pot with holes
Check drainage to avoid salt build-up in planters
To avoid salt buildup in containers, let all the liquid run out of drainage holes at the bottom of the pot every time you water.
Pickling Vegetables
OSU Extension has guide to pickling vegetables
The publication, "Pickling Vegetables," from OSU Extension Service can help you prepare for pickling season.
yellow jacket - CC
Life's a picnic for yellow jackets
Not to be mistaken as honeybees, yellow jackets are mostly meat eaters and are particularly fond of rotting fruit.
cucumber blossom - CC
Mother Nature may need help to pollinate squash and cucumbers
Cool, wet weather slows down pollinators, and fruit tends not to develop well.
Noxious knotweed resists conventional management techniques
A new Oregon State University Extension publication called "Biology and Management of Knotweeds in Oregon: A Guide for Gardeners and Small-Acreage Landowners" explains that the plant cannot be reasonably managed by non-chemical means.
buckwheat flowers
Buckwheat a good summer cover crop for home gardens
A fast-growing summer cover crop, buckwheat is a succulent that can be grown as a green manure because it adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil.
Healthy lawns need efficient irrigation
A new OSU Extension publication, available online, can help homeowners decide on an optimum lawn irrigation schedule.
hanging flower basket
Caring for flowers in hanging baskets
With a little care, flower baskets will bloom for you all through the summer and into the fall.