Gardening Tips

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Oregon gardeners can help manage spotted wing drosophila
If you grow cherries, mulberries and peaches or berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, you can help reduce the effect of spotted wing drosophila with a new online OSU Extension publication, EM 9026.
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Three requirements to grow clematis vines
Clematis need a little special handling at the start, but once established they grow and flower year after year.
Garlic expert: Fertilize and weed garlic in the spring
Fertilize garlic in the spring if you want a large and healthy crop of bulbs by summer, advises Chip Bubl, garlic expert and agricultural agent at the Columbia County office of the OSU Extension Service in St. Helens.
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Some vegetables require less water than others
Some vegetables, such as beans, are adapted to drought conditions at a very basic, cellular level.
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This spring plant a butterfly garden
You can attract butterflies to your garden when you provide a few essentials for the stages of their lives.
Harness the sun to kill weeds, plant diseases and pests
Harness the heat of the sun to kill weeds, plant diseases and pests.
Is it time to plant vegetables? Ask your soil thermometer
Is it time to plant vegetables? Ask your soil thermometer.
Native groundcovers are great for home landscapes
Try native groundcovers for home landscapes.
So many cabbages, so little time
Choose from many varieties of cabbage seeds available from garden stores and seed catalogs.
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Tips for first-time gardeners
Tips help first-time gardeners get started.