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A Phragmipedium Red Sky orchid. (Photo by Judie Rickus)
Jazz up your windowsill with spectacular orchids
Do Oregon's short, dark winter days have you dreaming of the sunshine of exotic lands? Jazz up your windowsill with glamorous orchids.
A trench drain in Portland. (Photo by Derek Godwin)
Winter days are perfect for planning a rain garden
Oregon's winters are a good time to observe how water flows on your property so you can later create a rain garden.
Bushtits are frequent visitors to this suet feeder. (Photo by OSU's EESC.)
Don't let disease foul your bird feeder
As you're welcoming wild birds into your yard this winter, be sure to keep your bird feeder clean and keep an eye on the health of your feathered diners.
Poinsettias (Photo by Hannah O'Leary)
Pointers on setting poinsettias outside
But should you put poinsettias in the ground after the holidays?
Christmas tree needles
Spruce up your Christmas tree with these tips
A Christmas tree specialist with the OSU Extension Service says there are several things you can do to keep your tree fresh through the holidays.
Photo of leaves.
Mulch is a key to no-till gardens
The crux of no-till gardening is to pile on enough mulch so that weeds don't germinate and grow up through it.
Photo of tomatoes.
Got tons of tomatoes? Try drying them.
Plug in the dehydrator and start slicing those tomatoes.
Photo of tomatoes on the vine.
Need help with your problematic vegetables?
Learn to troubleshoot problems with your carrots, cabbages and tomatoes.
Photo of a grape with botrytis.
Don't let fungi sour your grapes
During the summer, grape growers should watch for powdery mildew and bunch rot, two fungi, that damage the fruit.
Picture of a Christmas cactus.
Christmas cactus care doesn't take a holiday
If you want your Christmas cactus to bloom in the winter, you have to take care of it in the summer.