Gardening Tips

Rhododendrons and azaleas need a strong acidic soil
Check out yellow leaves on rhododendrons and azaleas.
Why vegetables drop blossoms
Blossom drop has many causes.
How to avoid and treat tomato problems
Avoid and treat tomato problems
Plants can keep deer away from the garden
Landscaping with deer-resistant plants is alternative to fencing.
How to meet the watering needs of growing vegetables
Meeting the watering needs of summer vegetables in Oregon.
Tips for saving water in the summer garden
Save water in the summer garden.
Questions and answers on pest management
How to manage pests in the garden
How to grow flavor-packed herbs
Don't over-fertilize herbs.
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How to coax peppers into performing in Oregon's coolness
Peppers can be successfully grown in Oregon with a little extra care.
No yard space? Here's how to grow a container vegetable garden
Don't let lack of yard space keep you from growing veggies.