Gardening Tips

Planting dates and regions for growing Oregon vegetables
Growing vegetables in Oregon's four zones.
Plant onions in early spring for biggest bulbs
Spring is time to plant summer onions and summer is time to plant overwintering onions.
Add organic matter to improve garden soils
Adding organic matter is the best way to improve nearly all kinds of soils.
OSU recommends vegetable varieties for 2010
Vegetable varieties recommended for local growing
Interplanting becoming common again
Interplanting returns
How to sprout seedlings to life indoors
Planting and watching garden seeds spring to life on a greenhouse bench is one of the most rewarding events in a gardener's year.
Flowering plants make colorful winters
Add color to winter with flowering plants.
Oregon rain garden guide available
How-to rain garden guide available online
How to save trees during construction
Saving remnants of native forests
How to grow artichokes
Growing artichokes for food and fun