Gardening Tips

Plant a garden with a child to teach nature’s lessons
Helping kids grow a garden teaches them about nature.
Guides help with managing weeds, insects and plant diseases
Handbooks help manage weeds, insects and plant diseases
Late spring is best time to plant Brussels sprouts
Plant Brussels sprouts in late spring through July
Fueling the high-energy hummingbird
Rufous is back
'Waterwise' plants are beautiful and efficient
Plant waterwise plants together
Methods to control blackberry thickets
Blackberry thickets can be controlled with dedication
Wait for warm soil to plant beans
Soil temperature is important to germinate beans.
Sustainable gardening Web page debuts
Planting dates and regions for growing Oregon vegetables
Growing vegetables in Oregon's four zones.
Plant onions in early spring for biggest bulbs
Spring is time to plant summer onions and summer is time to plant overwintering onions.