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Native groundcovers are great for home landscapes
Try native groundcovers for home landscapes.
So many cabbages, so little time
Choose from many varieties of cabbage seeds available from garden stores and seed catalogs.
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Tips for first-time gardeners
Tips help first-time gardeners get started.
Gardening tips that save money
Tips for thrifty gardening
Mushrooms can mean healthy soil
Mushrooms are the reproductive structure of fungi and can indicate healthy soil.
Help cane berries bear more fruit
Winter cane-berry chores help produce more fruit.
Prune blueberries yearly for more fruit
How to prune blueberries for greatest yields and largest berries.
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How to grow vegetables in Oregon's colder regions
You can grow vegetables in frost-prone parts of Oregon.
Herbs to the rescue: fend off deer with aromatic plants
Fend off deer with aromatic plants
Eat from the garden all year
Cloches allow you to eat fresh out of the garden all year.