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Some plants make natural antifreeze to cope with winter’s wrath
OSU plant physiologist Les Fuchigami explains plants’ evolved strategies for surviving freezing temperatures.
How to avoid mold after winter storm damage
How to avoid mold after winter storm damage.
Houseplants can thrive in low winter light
How go help houseplants survive the winter
Houseplants that flower all year make great gifts
Consider a houseplant gift.
Use caution with wood ash on your lawn and garden
Use the same precautions with wood ashes as when handling other strongly alkaline materials, such as household bleach.
Fruit or herb vinegars make great holiday gifts
Home made herbs or fruit-flavored vinegars are easy and fun to make and are welcomed gifts during the holiday season.
Check house for water and pest damage
November is a good time to inspect your home for structural pests and water damage.
How to discourage wild critters from getting too cozy
Discourage uninvited animal guests from making themselves too cozy.
Wood ashes can benefit gardens and lawns
Wood ashes can be used to fertilize gardens and lawns, but precautions need to be taken.
Now is ideal time to feed wild birds
Learn what to feed and not feed wild birds during winter months.