Gardening Tips

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Living sustainably booklet available
Sustainability booklet available online
Autumn is a good time to divide perennials
Dividing perennials in autumn invigorates overcrowded plants.
New kiwifruit variety grows well in Oregon
New kiwifruit grows well in Oregon
Home-heating energy sources and their costs
Home-heating energy sources information available
When to pick and how to ripen pears to perfection
A freshly picked pear is probably not ready to eat.
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Scotch broom is beautiful, but noxious
Scotch broom is noxious in Pacific Northwest
Over tilling can compact soil
Garden soil can be over tilled.
Winter cover crops build garden soils
Winter cover crops build organic matter
Don’t wait too long to harvest vegetables from the garden
Don’t wait too long to harvest vegetables from the garden.
OSU Web site helps in plant identification
Help choosing new plants is available on an OSU Web site.