Gardening Tips

Store garden chemicals safely for the winter
Now that the gardening season has calmed down, you might want to think about safely storing those gardening chemicals for the winter.
There's no break for people who garden in clay
Clay soils are one of the biggest challenges to the home gardener
Snakes provide good pest control in the garden
Gardeners should be glad to see snakes around the garden, according to Oregon State University snake expert Bob Mason.
Crane fly--Are leatherjackets munching your lawn?
There may be leatherjackets munching your lawn.
Here's a less toxic way to help get rid of mosquitoes
Mosquito season is here.
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What are short day and long day plants?
Ever wonder why you have trouble getting your Christmas cactus or poinsettia to bloom again?
What is mushroom compost?
Commercial mushroom growers in the Willamette Valley grow tons of mushrooms in an elaborate mixture that gardeners love - mushroom compost.
Why woodpeckers pound on your house
A maddening "thwack thwack thwack" on the side of your house may often signal the presence of woodpeckers.
How to help wild critters leave the attic or basement
Countless homeowners have had unwanted guests come and stay, both the human and the furry kind. Fortunately, it is easier to encourage unwanted animals such as squirrels, opossums, raccoons and skunks to leave your attic or woodshed than to politely ask y
How long do weed seeds survive in the soil?
Weed seeds can survive in the soil for years before they germinate and grow.