Gardening Tips

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Plant cilantro in summer and get coriander seeds
If you plant cilantro in late June or early July, it will flower, or bolt and set seed prematurely during the long, hot days of summer.
Early summer planting yields fall and winter vegetables
Early summer planting yields fall and winter vegetables.
Many water-wise trees are available for home gardens
Need help finding a drought tolerant tree?
April is a good time to start leek seeds indoors
April is time to plant leeks from seed indoors. Then plant them out in the garden in May.
Swiss chard is nutritious and beautiful in your garden
Chard is not only nutritious; it is also beautiful in the garden.
Corn gluten meal did not prevent weeds from germinating in OSU study
OSU research found corn gluten meal not effective in a study as a pre-emergent herbicide in shrub beds and on lawns.
How to minimize the impact of dog spots on your lawn
How to minimize dog spots on your lawn.
Process summer's fresh ripe tomatoes safely with OSU Extension info
Choose the best garlic for your garden
Garlic is growing throughout the Northwest.
Save your favorite non-hybrid tomato seeds for next year
Seeds from old-fashioned, non-hybrid or heirloom varieties of tomatoes can easily be saved. Here’s how to do it.