Gardening Tips

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Bumblebees are important pollinators in gardens
Bumblebees play a crucial role in pollinating native plants, gardens and crops.
Go through leftover garden seeds
If garden seeds are kept dry and cool, they last longer than in warmer and more humid conditions.
Less toxic iron phosphate slug bait proves effective
OSU research indicates that the less toxic iron phosphate containing slug baits are as effective as those with metaldehyde.
Pruning keeps ornamental shrubs healthy
Pruning woody shrubs is one of those tasks that often gets neglected or forgotten.
Late winter to early spring care will help caneberries thrive
How to help your caneberries thrive.
Apple trees benefit from proper pruning, spring and summer
You can prune an apple tree any time of the year without hurting it.
How to collect, dry and roast squash and sunflower seeds
How to collect, dry and roast sunflower, squash and pumpkin seeds.
Plant cilantro in summer and get coriander seeds
If you plant cilantro in late June or early July, it will flower, or bolt and set seed prematurely during the long, hot days of summer.
Early summer planting yields fall and winter vegetables
Early summer planting yields fall and winter vegetables.
Many water-wise trees are available for home gardens
Need help finding a drought tolerant tree?