Gardening Tips

Plant cilantro in summer and get coriander seeds
If you plant cilantro in late June or early July, it will flower, or bolt and set seed prematurely during the long, hot days of summer.
Swiss chard is nutritious and beautiful in your garden
Chard is not only nutritious; it is also beautiful in the garden.
Think about birds before spring mowing and pruning
Keep in mind bird nesting cycles when pruning and mowing in spring and summer.
Corn gluten meal did not prevent weeds from germinating in OSU study
OSU research found corn gluten meal not effective in a study as a pre-emergent herbicide in shrub beds and on lawns.
Wash fresh fruits and vegetables before cutting, peeling and eating
The old adage still holds—wash fruits and veggies before eating them.
Controlling poison oak and ivy
Poison oak and poison ivy are each a different species, but they are similar in appearance, and have the same effect on humans.
How to grow a monster pumpkin
How to grow a monster pumpkin
To grow a giant pumpkin, you'll need about 3 to 4 months of warm growing days with daytime temperatures above 75 degrees F.
Native madrones are special to the Northwest
There are probably few plants that are more strongly identified with this area or are held in greater affection than the madrone tree.
Caneberries like manure in winter or spring
Established caneberries can benefit from a winter or spring application of manure.
Dormant sprays can help reduce pests & disease in home orchards
Even the most vigilant gardeners may need to spray their fruit trees during the dormant season to reduce overwintering pest and disease organisms.