Gardening Tips

Learn more about gardening with our Gardening Tips.

Choose the best garlic for your garden
Garlic is growing throughout the Northwest.
Save your favorite non-hybrid tomato seeds for next year
Seeds from old-fashioned, non-hybrid or heirloom varieties of tomatoes can easily be saved. Here’s how to do it.
Don't toss those tuberous begonias - save for next summer
It is easy to ready and store tender summer bulbs such as tuberous begonias for next growing season. Here’s how.
OSU's gardening handbook makes a perfect holiday gift
The perfect holiday gift for the gardener in your life is OSU Extension’s “Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook.”
Attract hummingbirds to your garden
Hummingbirds are garden jewels, as beautiful as they are valuable.
Plant disease-resistant apple varieties
If you want to apply chemicals to control apple diseases, your best bet is to plant disease-resistant varieties.
Coir is sustainable alternative to peat moss in the garden
Coconut dust is a sustainable alternative to peat moss in the garden.
Autumn is a good time to renovate a mangy lawn
Autumn is an excellent time to take steps to improve the health and appearance of drought-stressed lawns in western Oregon.
Native madrones are special to the Northwest
There are probably few plants that are more strongly identified with this area or are held in greater affection than the madrone tree.
On your skin or in your yard – how to deal with poison oak and ivy
On your skin or in your yard, how to deal with poison oak and ivy.