Gardening Tips

Snow or lack thereof - effects on landscape plants
Snow is an excellent insulator and can protect landscape plants from the devastating effects of repeated freezing and thawing.
Grow your own Christmas chestnuts
If you’ve ever dreamed of roasting chestnuts by an open fire, you might want to consider growing your own.
How to buy and care for geraniums
How to buy and care for tender geraniums.
How to control rose diseases a less toxic way
Here are some less toxic methods to help control fungal diseases on roses from the OSU Extension Service Master Gardener ™ program.
Hints for entering produce at county fairs
Summer is the time for county fairs.
Protect heat-loving eggplants from cold
Protect heat-loving eggplants from cold.
Compost bins.  Photo: Oregon State University, EESC
Big maggots in your compost? They're soldier fly larvae
Big maggots in your compost? They're soldier fly larvae.
Prune lilacs soon after bloom
To keep your lilacs looking their best, they need to be pruned, fertilized and shaped almost every year, soon after they are done blooming in the late spring.
Ceanothus flowering shrubs are stunning in PNW gardens
Oregon State University Extension community horticulturist Neil Bell is working with the Oregon Garden to test 45 varieties of Ceanothus, a genus of native North American shrubs with about 60 species, to determine how well they perform in Pacific Northwes
Life teems in old oaks
Protect that majestic old oak in your back yard. It is not only home to your hammock, it holds an entire ecosystem of life in its limbs.