Gardening Tips

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Douglas firs may suffer from swiss needle cast fungal disease
Do you have Douglas-firs that look brushy and stunted? Those trees may have Swiss needle cast disease.
Prevent hungry rodents from chewing trees and shrubs
Hungry rodents feed on is the bark of landscape shrubs and trees in the winter and are capable of damaging and even killing shrubs and trees.
Less toxic ways to battle bugs in your summer garden
The saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds true with pests in the garden.
Store garden chemicals safely for the winter
Now that the gardening season has calmed down, you might want to think about safely storing those gardening chemicals for the winter.
There's no break for people who garden in clay
Clay soils are one of the biggest challenges to the home gardener
Problem birds, house sparrows and starlings
Starlings and house sparrows are non-native birds that have proliferated at the expense of Oregon's native species.
Things you can do on your property to help native turtles
Whether you own a 10th of an acre or 1,000 acres, you can make a real difference for Oregon's native turtles, if you live in rural or suburban areas of northern or western Oregon near open fresh water.
Crane fly--Are leatherjackets munching your lawn?
There may be leatherjackets munching your lawn.
Here's a less toxic way to help get rid of mosquitoes
Mosquito season is here.
There's still time to plant more carrots
Carrots can still be planted into July for fall and winter harvest in most areas of the state.