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Problem birds, house sparrows and starlings
Starlings and house sparrows are non-native birds that have proliferated at the expense of Oregon's native species.
Things you can do on your property to help native turtles
Whether you own a 10th of an acre or 1,000 acres, you can make a real difference for Oregon's native turtles, if you live in rural or suburban areas of northern or western Oregon near open fresh water.
Here's a less toxic way to help get rid of mosquitoes
Mosquito season is here.
There's still time to plant more carrots
Carrots can still be planted into July for fall and winter harvest in most areas of the state.
How long do garden seeds last?
Home gardeners are often frugal by nature.
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What are short day and long day plants?
Ever wonder why you have trouble getting your Christmas cactus or poinsettia to bloom again?
Houseplants benefit from occasional bath
Houseplants don't need a bath often, but an occasional washing improves the plant's appearance and promotes plant vigor.
Soluble salts damaging to houseplants
Check winter houseplants for brown leaf tips, wilting, dropping of lower leaves and little or no new growth - all signs that your plant may be in trouble.
Ecolawns require less fertilizer, water and weed control
How would you like to have a green lawn that required watering less than once per month and only needed mowing once every three weeks?
It is best to cut grass often and leave clippings on lawn
In case you've been wondering what to do with your grass clippings, just leave them on the lawn.