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Sweep wood ash from fireplace to garden
Take precautions when applying ash
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No room for vegetables? Pot up your plants
Containers are a good alternative for gardening when space is limited
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What's the truth behind 6 gardening myths?
Incorrect information can persist, so let's get it right
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Roll up your sleeves: Invasive weeds need persistence to control
Get them early, get them often
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Be kind to your shrubs when you pick up pruners
Timing is important when pruning shrubs
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Opportunistic rats find food and shelter in urban homes and landscapes
There are steps that will help deter rodents
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Get a leg up on fruit tree problems with dormant oils
Three low-toxicity pesticides help with disease and pest control
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Mason bees go to work early in the season before honey bees emerge
These native insects especially love the pollen from fruit trees
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Brewing beer? Go a step further and grow your own hops
Don't forget the trellis when you plant beer's necessary ingredient
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Top 10 gardening stories of 2017 from OSU Extension
Our list includes topics from moss to bees