Donate to OSU Extension

For over 100 years, the Oregon State University Extension Service has engaged the people of Oregon with research-based knowledge and education.

OSU Extension is funded through a combination of state and federal funds, grants, fees and gifts. Individuals, corporations, associations, foundations, and banks give gifts of all sizes to various OSU Extension programs. All donations, whether they be large or small, are vital to strengthening our programs.

These private investments help us strengthen the health, well-being, and security of youth, families, and communities; conserve and enhance natural resources; and strengthen agriculture and food systems across the Oregon and beyond.

These are challenging times. We recognize the need to keep pace with Oregon's changing landscape, increasingly diverse demands for education, and unprecedented advances in technology—in a time of very limited public funding.

We greatly appreciate your support!

Non-cash Donations

OSU Extension also accepts:

  • Securities
  • Property (real estate, land, forestland, etc.)

To learn more about making a non-cash donation contact the Gift Planning Staff.

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