Extension Citizen Advisory Network (ECAN)

ECAN's purpose is to provide a network of geographically diverse, multi-dimensional volunteers who are willing to advocate and coordinate local advocacy on behalf of the OSU Extension Service, and to provide and coordinate local advice and counsel to the Vice Provost of University Outreach & Engagement & Director of the OSU Extension Service regarding current and future direction for the Extension programs.

The volunteer membership is comprised of one volunteer from each of the Oregon counties and one from the Warm Springs Confederated Tribes, and up to eight at large members and two county commisioners (one East, one West).

2019 Dates

Date to be determined, OSU Statewide Public Services Day at the Capitol, Salem

Date to be determined, ECAN Meeting, Salem

2018 Dates

February 15, 2018, Universities Lobby Day at the Capitol, Salem

2017 Dates

March 1, 2017, ECAN Meeeting, Salem Convention Center, Salem

March 2, 2017, OSU Statewide Public Services Day at the Capitol, Salem

April 20, 2017, OSU Day at the Capitol, Salem

ECAN Advocacy Toolkit

OSU Statewide Public Services Strategy 2017-2019

OSU Statewide Public Value Impacts

Building Meaningful Relationships with Your Legislators

  • Sign up for your legislator's newsletter
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Ask for and/or thank them for their support at town hall meetings
  • Write letters of support
    • Letters to the editor
  • Testify at local and state committee meetings
    • Scott Reed's testimony before the U.S.  House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture Subcommittee on Horticulture, Research, Biotechnolgoy and Foreigh Agriculture, Public Hearing to Review the Smith-Lever Act on its 100th Anniversary (March 2014) video full testimony (Scott Reed at 20:40)

Legislative and Executive Branch Resources:

  • Oregon State Legislature
  • Regional Solutions Teams Regional Solutions is a collaborative approach to community and economic development. The state, in partnership with Oregon colleges and universities, established Regional Solutions Centers throughout Oregon. Each take a bottom-up approach to development projects -- working at the local level to identify priorities, solve problems, and seize opportunities to complete projects. These centers integrate state agency work and funding to ensure that projects are completed in the most economical and streamlined process possible.

Previous Meetings

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