Enrollment Forms

                                        Clubs for the 2014-15 year list

Members: All Gilliam County 4-H members must complete the 3 forms below.

Member Enrollment Form 2014-15  (Word)

Member Health Form &  Code of Conduct 

4-H Member waiver form

Leaders:  All Gilliam County 4-H leaders must complete the 3 forms each year.

Leader Enrollment Form 2014-15

Leader Health Form & Code of Conduct

Leader Conditions of Volunteer Service

(All Gilliam County leaders must have completed the screening and new leader training)

                       ENROLLMENT DEADLINE January 31, 2015

Records       - State site for project records

4-H Resume           This is new in 2015.  If you want to apply for State or National awards, you will need to have your information in this format.  Fillable online form    Printable PDF form

Feed and Growth Record 4-H Market Animals  Fillable PDF form      Printable PDF form

COOL form for all Market Animals    (COOL)

Gilliam County Foods & Nutrition Foods prepared at home record

Foods of the Pacific Northwest Judge's Information Form - Junior  (for intermediate & senior form see the "Oregon State Site for additional records" below)

Oregon State Site for additional records

Expressive Arts Explanation form (fillable)

News Reporter - Gilliam County

Secretary - Gilliam County

Scholarship Applications - for Gilliam County 4-H Members Only

Scholarship Application - Please have the 4-H member fill this form out. 

Jaeger Fund Application  -Please print and mail to the Gilliam County Extension Office.

Pete and Mary Pattee Award --Please print and mail to the Gilliam County Extension Office.


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