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                                                                         Jaeger Endowment Fund Guidelines


The following guidelines were adopted by the Gilliam County 4-H Leaders on September 30, 1998, updated on September 13, 2004 at the Gilliam County 4-H Leaders' meeting and revised by the committee on October 25, 2004.  Revised by Gilliam County 4-H Leaders at the May 8, 2006 meeting.  Revised by Gilliam County 4-H Leaders at meeting on April 14, 2009.


  • First priority of funds is to support members & leaders attending events on campus, especially OSU Summer Days.
  • The Jaegers were particularly interested in providing enrichment opportunities for youth (not just to maintain the 4-H program).  These funds could be used to help sponsor some major opportunities.
  • Each 4-H club could access up to $200 every year to use for a field trip, fun day, tour, etc. with an educational component.  These funds may be carried over for one year for a maximum expenditure of $400 by a single club.  Funds may be used to purchase non-disposable equipment.  Application needs committee approval prior to the event  or purchase.  All equipment should be marked 4-H.  An inventory of items purchased will be submitted to the Gilliam County 4-H Leaders office after the purchase.  All non-disposable equipment will return to the Gilliam County 4-H Leaders if the club disbands.  Event would be open to all paid members in the club and must contain an educational component related to the project area.
  • Agent or any 4-H club planning an event could access funds subject to committee approval.  This would include paying expenses to someone to present a workshop or clinic on any 4-H topic.  These workshops and clinics would be open to neighboring county members too.  This could also include leadership retreats, special tours, or field trips.
  • Gilliam County 4-H Leaders support and training for workshops, forums, trainings and chaperoning.
  • When approval is given to fund scholarship to specific camp, training and leadership events in the annual budget, related expenses would also be covered without an additional application to the Jaeger Fund.  These expenses may include but not limited to: mileage, meals, snacks and necessary chaperon accommodations.  An estimated total cost for each event will be provided in the budget process in January.

Applications are available from the Gilliam County 4-H Office, PO Box 707, Condon, OR  97823.  Applications need to be submitted to the Gilliam County 4-H Agent and then to the Jaeger Endowment Committee for approval two weeks prior to the event.  Only leaders may request club funds.  Receipts of expenses need to be submitted within two weeks of the event to the 4-H office.

One new member will be appointed by the Gilliam County 4-H Leader's Association to serve a 3 year term each January.  There will be 3 members serving on the committee. 


Jaeger Endowment Fund Application

Jaeger Fund Club Inventory Form

Jaeger Fund Mileage Reporting Form

Jaeger Fund Meals Reporting Form

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