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Welcome to the Gilliam County Extension Service web pages for Agriculture & Natural Resources!  We are making the transition to a new format, and will be updating content over the next several months.  If you don't find the information you are looking for, or find pages with the "Under Construction" graphic, be sure to check back again as we put additional documents and information on those pages.

Moving around our web site should be straightforward. To the left of this text, you'll find the side bar listing the categories information is organized under.  Click your left mouse button with the pointer over the Agriculture & Natural Resources heading, and the categories for Crops, Livestock, etc. will appear below that heading.  The information and content part of the page will appear to the right of the side bar.  If you are looking for crops information, click the Crops heading, and the subcategories for Crop Management, Fertility Management, and Pest Management will appear in the side bar, and the Crops page will appear to the right of this.  Orange text indicates an active link to another page or a document that will open.

I hope you find the information in these web pages interesting and useful.  If you have questions or require additional information, please contact me by clicking on the Faculty & Staff selection near the top of the left side bar, and clicking on my name in the content area to the right of the side bar.  You can also call me at the phone number listed there.


Jordan B. Maley

Ag Extension Agent

Dryland Cropping Systems

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