Who are 4-H Adult Volunteers?

  • Adults who are interested in making a positive impact on youth
  • Adults who have an expertise they want to share with youth
  • Adults who want to learn new skills

Who are the youth?

  • 4-H Adventures are youth in grades K-3 who explore their community, science, art, foods, natural resources, animals and more!
  • 4-H clubs are youth in 4-12 grade who select a project from the list shown on the Projects & Clubs page (This can be found by clicking on the link titled Projects & Clubs to the left of the screen in the orange navigation bar.)

What support do I receive as a 4-H Adult Volunteer?

  • New Leader Training
  • Subject Matter Training
  • Support from 4-H faculty and staff
  • Support from other 4-H Adult Volunteers
  • Project books for leaders and members

What kind of commitment must I make?

  • One year, or
  • A few months, or
  • A few weeks, or
  • One time.
  • Whatever your time, interests and the needs of the youth are.

How do I start?

  • Choose your project of interest
  • Complete a volunteer application form/Background Check
  • Interview with an Extension faculty member
  • Attend New Leader Training
  • Recruit club members!

For questions about any of the steps mentioned above feel free to contact the OSU Gilliam County Extension Office by calling 541-384-2271.