Record Books

Keeping accurate records is a vital life skill that is very important! 4-H Record Books are just as important!

Each year you should write down the fun and difficult times to paint a verbal picture of your 4-H year. "A 4-H record is what the 4-H'er wants or needs to tell someone else (that doesn't know them) what they have done as a result of being a 4-H member."

As you continue through your 4-H career, the 4-H information you record in a 4-H record book
will help you fill out applications for work, college or perhaps apply for a special trip or award where the application calls for the information from your 4-H Record Book.

4-H records show your growth throughout the years. It lists how you have helped others, what you have been able to teach and share, as well as what you have learned. It shows goals set and goals accomplished.

The Gilliam County 4-H Program has record book clinics available to 4-H members a couple times a year.

Take a look at the Record Book Guidelines for information on how to begin or update your record books. Most of the 4-H Record Book forms are being updated so you can fill them out and print them, but some you still have to handwrite. The below forms are needed for your record book.

Please note: All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise specified. You must download and save them to your computer before you are able to fill them out. Not all of them are in fillable PDFs, but most are. Please contact the office if you have any questions or experience problems. If you do not have the latest version of Adobe, you can download it for free here.

All Members

My 4-H Resume, Word or Fillable PDF
My 4-H Notes

Club Officers

4-H Club Treasurer's Book
4-H Secretary's Book
4-H Club Minutes
4-H Newsreporter Book - Currently being revised
4-H Club News Report
4-H Club Officer Handbook

Animal Science Project Records

Animal Science Record for Junior Members
Animal Science Record for Intermediate and Senior Members
Feed and Growth Record for Market Animals, fillable or printable
Country of Origin Affidavit/Declaration (COOL) Form


Ewe Production Record
Market Lamb Health Record


Sow Production Record
Market Swine Health Record


Beef Cow Production Record
Market Beef Health Record

Dairy Goats and Dairy Cattle

Dairy Production Record
Yearly Lactation Record
Market Goat Health Record

Small Animals

Rabbit Production Record
Buck Performance Record


Horse Record


Dog Project Record

Communications and Expressive Arts

Photography Project Record
Leathercraft Project Record

Family and Consumer Science Records

Foods and Nutrition Record for Juniors
Foods and Nutrition Record for Intermediates and Seniors
Food Preservation Record
Knitting Project Record
Crocheting Project Record
Clothing Project Record


Horticulture Record

Natural Science


Outdoor Adventure

Shooting Sports

Science and Technology

Wood Science Project Record
Computer Project Record

Other Project Records

My 4-H _____ Project Record
Daily Feed Record for Market Animals
, not required


Meat Animal Advancement (Sheep, Beef, Swine)

Meat Goat Advancement

Dairy Advancement

Horse Advancement

Cavy Advancement

Poultry & Pigeon Advancement

Rabbit Advancement

Dog Advancement

Food & Nutrition Advancement

Clothing Advancement

Horticulture Advancement

Shooting Sports Advancement

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