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Healthy eating and physical activity are critical for children’s health and well-being. Poor diet and insufficient activity may lead to chronic health conditions such as diabetes that can follow children into adulthood.

Where we live has a large impact on our ability to provide children access to healthy foods and opportunities to be active. Environmental features, such as community design, can support or hinder our ability to provide healthful foods and physical activity opportunities that impact children’s health.

GROW Healthy Kids and Communities, in partnership with OSU Extension Service, seeks to affect community change by recruiting residents to identify features in their community that are supports and/or barriers to eating healthy and being physically active.  One way to gather this information is with HEAL MAPPS™.

HEAL MAPPS™ is an exciting Oregon State University Extension Family & Community Health community engagement program. HEAL MAPPS™ helps community stakeholders document people’s experience of place with respect to supports and barriers for habitual healthy eating and physical activity. We will provide your community with a MAPPS™ report to help facilitate and guide your community’s efforts for creating an environment thatsupports eating healthy and being physically active most every day for children and families.