GROW Healthy Schools

School Overview

GROW Healthy Kids & Communities helps schools survey and improve school nutrition and physical activity environments. GROW HKC supports evidence-based modifications to school environments and policies to promote and improve students’ healthy eating and physical activity behaviors at school.

School Surveys

  • School Physical Activity & Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET)
    This tool measures school resources and readiness to improve nutrition and physical activity environments.
  • Physical Activity and Body Mass Index (BMI)
    Children wear pedometers to measure how active they are while at school and have annual height and weight assessments.

School Feedback

  • SPAN-ET Feedback
    The SPAN report suggests evidence-based improvement strategies and highlights positive actions resulting from environmentally-based treatments.
  • Weight Status and Physical Activity Feedback
    These reports show the results of school-level assess-ments and suggest evidence-based improvement sand communication strategies.

School Action

  • GROW HKC and Wellness Committee Actions
  • Farm to school partnerships
  • Physical activity toolkits and trainings
  • Securing school-centered grants to promote healthy school environments

GROW Mission